Posted from inside 3D Printing, Chicago July 10 – 11, 2013


What a ride, from Florida to Chicago.  The two day 3D printer expo had a hall in the convention center with about 40 to 50 booths and displays.  There were printers from $1300.00 to $150,000.00 each on display.  Some printers used plastic, some metal powders or even wax.

The most impressive printer cost about $20,000.00 and made high precision masters for lost wax casting of jewelry.  the layers were cured using ultraviolet light.

Many item were on display that were made with the machines, here are some photos.

3D printed guitars and a scooter.

3D Systems printers working and playing a printed guitar.

Some of the crowd and printed items.

The main thing I learned from the show is that there is a lot of effort being made in this area of science and new innovations are soon to arrive.  I have decided to buy a printer in November, because I think a next egn unit will be better for my needs.

Thanks,  Hyker