About 3D Wrangler:

3D Wrangler was created to provide a platform for the sharing and marketing, of your digital designs, with the world.

While sites like http://www.thingiverse.com are great for the simple free files, many of you have designs you put a lot of work into and would like to sell the files.  Some of us want to get the files to make more complex and interesting stuff and are eager to support the designer with a fee.  The ability to market 3D printer files will stimulate the design of more choices for us all.

Designers are welcomed to send us info on your projects, offer your services and submit files for sale.

3D Wrangler takes a commission of 30% and sends the rest of the money to you.  Payments can be made via paypal, credit cards (if you take them) and old school ‘checks in the mail’.  Payments made every 90 days or whenever the payment is over $100.00.

Send us any question 3Dwrangler@gmail.com or try our cell 813 732 2089 Thanks, Hyker

Your 3D wrangler crew-

XZanthia  Design artist and creativity coordinator.

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Robert   Product engineer, machine operation.

profile bob

Hyker   Director of development

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Ted   Web site guru. no photo available.